EKE Series Personal Electronic Dosimeters

EKE Series, is a personal electronic dosimeter capable of monitoring real dose Hp (10) personal dose and dose rate with 2 different Geiger Müller tube options.

  • 2 Years Global Warranty
  • Monochrome 128 x 32 OLED Screen
  • USB Rechargeable Built-in Long Life Battery
  • Audio, Vibrating and Visual Dose and Dose Rate Alarm
  • Small and Lightweight Design for Easy Use
  • Easy Calibration on Device Menu
  • 4096 Row Total Hp(10) Dose and Dose Rate Recording with Time and Date Data
  • Data Management with Free ARC Software
Eke Series Personal Electronic Dosimeters have been presented to the users with 2 different Geiger Muller (GM) tube options to determine the Hp (10) personal radiation dose and dose rate accurately and quickly.

Dose rate can be measured by EKE-1, 0-20 mSv/h and EKE-2, 0-200 mSv/h and Hp (10) personal dose can be measured up to 100Sv for both models.

Consult our experts for the appropriate device selection