Radiation Measurements Devices

Today, ionizing radiation measurement devices;

  • In medical applications such as Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy;
  • In various fields of industry such as Irradiation Plants, Industrial Radiography, Level Meters, Thickness Gauges, Food Controls;
  • In areas such as Iron and Steel Industry, Scrap, Waste Plants, Critical Buildings and Regions;
  • In the determination of Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enriched Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials (TENORM);
  • Emergency Response such as Civil Defense, Fire Fighting Cases,
  • In the dismantling of consumer products with end-of-life or prohibited radioactive substances such as radioactive lightning rods;
  • Radioactive and Nuclear Waste Control;
  • Radioisotope Production Facilities;
  • In Nuclear Plants;
  • In Radioactive and Nuclear Material Transportation;
  • In R&D Activities;
  • In Customs Controls;
and many more are used in the professional field. In addition, various radiation measurement devices are preferred by non-professional users for a variety of purposes such as being prepared for emergencies, detection of natural radioactive substances in rocks.

ALARA RGD, offers its users preferences, with different prop and Geiger Muller (GM) tube options to meet this wide range of ionizing radiation measurement needs

  • ADA Series Ionizing Radiation Detectors for Ambient Radiation Controls,
  • EKE Series Personal Electronic Dosimeters for personal dose monitoring
  • ARM Series Radiation Area Monitors for Radiation Controls in Radiation Areas

You consult our experts to select the appropriate device for your work areas .

ADA Series Ionizing Radiation Detectors
EKE Series Personal Electronic Dosimeters
ARM Series Radiation Area Monitors
P Series Geiger Muller (GM) Props